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H2-4 hole material special plane
Product description

Main configurations
◈ domestic main shaft. < br / > ◈ Taiwan automatic lubrication maintenance free guide. < br / > ◈ high-precision skew rack; Servo drive system. < br / > ◈ chint electrical components, stable performance. < br / >
◈ province plank: advanced optimization layout software, reducing waste of sheet, plate efficiency can reach 95%. < br / > ◈ manual: process automation, single person can operate multiple devices at the same time. < br / > ◈ save time: equipment continuous working, pneumatic positioning system, convenient, quick and accurate, no adjustment on foot. < br / > ◈ easy operation: this machine is a fool type operation, adopt computer control, easy to learn, zero error, zero error. After 3-5 hours of training, ordinary workers can carry out production operations.

Detailed description

This machine is used for cutting holes in plate customized furniture, and can process various specifications of back panel slot and vertical holes in front and back.

Machine details display
Performance parameters

Model H1-4
Travelling size 1300×2500×200mm
Working size 1240×2440×50mm
Table size 1230×2440mm
Spindle power 2×6.0KW (Air cooling)
Spindle speed
Working speed

Feeding speed

Vacuum adsorption vac-sorb
Working mode