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Panel furniture woodworking material opening machine solution

Product advantage to establish 100 % absolute advantage

To implement custom efficient board type furniture,
intelligent, scale, accurate production

  • CNC opening system
    Cutting the preferred

    Research and development for customized panel furniture
    Seven advantages over traditional models

  • High precision

    Zero error
    The sheet material can be directly edge sealing
    Don't need to rework

  • System professional

    Built-in optimization system
    Automatic counting and discharging

  • High efficiency

    8 hours a day
    Guarantee the processing of 60 plates

  • Put an end to inductrial injury

    The man-machine separation
    No work injury

  • Profile forming

    Profiled primary cut
    No need for additional processing

  • Save material

    High utilization
    Each plate can be used up to 2.7 to 2.8 square meters

  • Manual

    No professional
    Automatic loading and unloading
    General workers can operate

About us

Product advantage to establish 100 % absolute advantage

Hongda boke is a company focusing on the research, development and manufacturing of panel furniture and CNC equipment, located in the high-tech lingang economic development zone of jinan city, shandong province. The company has a modern factory area of 20000 square meters with nearly 100 industrial elites, which provides a reliable guarantee for creating a high-quality intelligent woodworking machinery production line. The company can provide a comprehensive solution to the intelligent production of panel furniture, the main products are: panel furniture production line, CNC six drilling, CNC opener, PTP row drilling material center, CNC woodworking processing center, woodworking carving machine and automatic edge sealing machine, vacuum laminating machine, side hole machine and other full series of products. The equipment is widely u...