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H7-2412 CNC six - sided drilling and milling center
Product description

●  Artifacts six sides drilling
●  Front and back card slot
●  Pneumatic float on table
●  Compatible with XML, MPR, etc
●  Teardown software seamless docking
●  Scan bar code without programming

Machine details display
Performance parameters

Model H7-2412
Plank length 200~2440mm
Plank width 50~1220mm
Plank thickness 9~50mm
(X/U/Y/Z)Empty moving speed 120/120/75/30m/min
Total power 25KW
Spindle power
Spindle speed
Horizontal drill
X:2×4 Y:2×2
Vertical drill 12
Vertical row drill 9
Drilling speed 4000r/min